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July 26th, 2012
Bruco Components B.V. expands business with sales activities of Fast Benelux B.V

On July 26, Bruco Components acquired the sales activities of Fast Benelux B.V.

Bruco B.V. has been established in 1988 and located in Twente, the Netherlands. Over the last 20 years Bruco focused on creation and delivery of high performance analog mixed signal Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC's). In 1999 Bruco Components was founded to focus on to the logistical ASIC services world-wide. The Fast Benelux sales activities of hard-to-find or obsolete electrical, electronic and ICT components will expand the Bruco Components value added logistics services.

Harry Diepenmaat, CEO and owner of Dienia Electronics states: "This acquisition represents a key milestone in expanding our services to the electronic semiconductor world; it is a great fit to accelerate the service business of Bruco Components with the sales activities of Fast Benelux."

Frans van Ast, Bruco Components B.V. General Manager states: 'More than 10 years we are reliable key supplier of ASIC's for several well known companies in Europe. I'm very pleased that we have the possibility to enable offering our customers a more extended service. Also I am pleased to have Marcel Bouman in my team to help with the sales of this new service."

Marcel Bouman is very satisfied with the decisiveness of Harry Diepenmaat and Frans van Ast last weeks: "It all went very fast, but this firmness gives confidence to all parties. Bruco Components show that they see plenty of opportunities for Fast Benelux and we can continue our service to our clients practically without interruption. This is done with a solid base to provide a powerful incentive for the purpose of the future."

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About Dienia Electronics

Dienia Electronics owns Bruco Integrated Circuits, Bruco Components, Fast Benelux and Dizain Sync and has made investments in the start-up companies like GreenPeak and Innoluce.
Dienia electronics focus on creating a group of electronic companies with synergy to deliver a broad service to our customers and where investments in startup accelerates new ideas into markets.

About Bruco Components

Bruco Components is a value added logistics company on supplying custom made IC's (ASIC's). Bruco Component focus is to become a partner for ASIC's, obsolete components and conditioned storage of wafers/chips.

Bruco Components B.V.

About Fast Benelux

Fast Benelux helps companies finding hard-to-find or obsolete electrical, electronic and ICT components. Fast Benelux does so in the role of problem solver and the role of logistics service provider. Thus, Fast Benelux has become one of the most valued partners in the industry. Fast Benelux has customers in the electronics industry, ICT, machine industry, such as OEM, EMS, CEM and other high tech companies.

Fast Benelux B.V.

Press contact

Frans van Ast
General Manager
Bruco Components and Fast Benelux
Phone: +31 (0)74 2406610