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Design services

Looking for an electronic solution that you cannot realize in discrete components? Need to reduce footprint and/or power dissipation? Searching for a replacement part of a discontinued device? Trying to hide your clever ideas and IP from your competitors? Looking for a cost down on your bill of materials? Let us help you with our Integrated Circuits Design Service!


With our skills and broad experience, Bruco can help you creating your turn-key electronic solutions that fit your specific requirements.... »

Way of working

Thanks to our way of working, we can offer you full custom ASICs that are not as expensive as you might think, even for smaller quantities.... »


To prove that our designs meet their requirements, Bruco has in-house lab facilities to evaluate devices.... »


Nowadays, numerous technologies are available with a host of options. Based on our own experiences we can help you select the technology that meet your requirements and fits your budget.... »