Achtergrond van Bruco


With our skills and broad experience, Bruco can help you creating your turn-key electronic solutions that fit your specific requirements.

Our competences span the following areas:

  • Analog/Mixed signal ASICs
  • Digital ASICs ( data com, UMTS base band )
  • High voltage ASICs ( < 600V )
  • High frequency ASICs ( <30 GHz )
  • FPGA design, Xilinx, Altera and others
  • ESD and EMC/EMI

The application areas for our ASICs are:

  • Automotive: high voltage, smart power; LIN, CAN, SPI; body control, electric water pump.
    For more information download our 'Solutions for Automotive' leaflet.
  • Power management and control: battery charger/discharger personal entertainment; power MOSFET drivers, LDO (low drop-out regulators), DC / DC converters (buck and boost).
    For more information download our 'Solutions for Power' leaflet.
  • RF: PLL for satellite receivers; medium power amplifier for satellite- and terrestrial communication; WIMAX amplifiers and mixers; Zigbee radio.
    For more information download our 'Solutions for RF' leaflet.
  • Sensor and Identification: gas sensor for domestic applications.
  • Test and Measurement: oscilloscopes.
  • Lighting: drivers for QL lamp, for CFL lamp and for LED illumination.
    For more information download our 'Solutions for Lighting' leaflet.
  • MEMS driver circuits: E.g. MEMS mirror driver and MEMS oscillator.
    See also our pages about research, MEMSLand.


Our core competenties and application areas only highlight a fraction of our expertise and capabilities. Bruco Integrated Circuits engineers have in involved in quite some articals for journals and conferences covering various topics that might not be expressed above. A list can be found here.

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Feel free to contact us, in case the competence your looking for or your specific application area is not mentioned here. It impossible to show here all we have to offer.