Achtergrond van Bruco

Way of working

Thanks to our way of working, we can offer you full custom ASICs that are not as expensive as you might think, even for smaller quantities.

Project teams

Bruco covers all sorts of projects and we can provide a one-stop-shop solution. We have an excellent track record on turn-key projects from early specification until verification and industrialization, including project management. Locating the project team in one room ensures short and effective communication lines. When required our engineers can be part of your design team as well. Having multiple project teams close together also has its advantages: It is really easy to tap into knowledge of other designers working on completely different projects. Sometimes the best ideas are born just having a cup of coffee.

To be integrated, or not ...

Not all parts of an electronic system are suitable for integration in an ASIC. True, much can be integrated but it has its price. Picking the right parts can be key to building a vital business case. Therefore we appreciate being involved in the early phases of the specification. It also allows us to fit the right technology to your specific requirements.

IC creation process

To ensure we provide our customers with a quality product timely and predictably, Bruco works according to a well-defined set of processes  and we are ISO 9001 certified. Our IC Creation Process is a proven way for designing ASICs and subject to continuous improvements to keep pace with the constantly advancing technology. As we recognize that project management is vital to deliver the agreed product in time against the agreed costs, we are steadily increasing our project management capabilities.