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Overview of our cases

RF front end for a phased array satellite antenna system

Mobile satellite communications on planes, boats or buses require low-profile antenna systems. The antenna systems used for such applications are usually electronically steered phased arrays. A phased array antenna system is an array of antennas in which the relative phases of the respective signals received by each single antenna are delayed in such a way that the effective radiation pattern of the array is reinforced in a desired direction and suppressed in undesired direction. »

A 10Gb/s Serial Communication Transceiver in 0.13µm CMOS for a 2m Micro Twisted-Pair Cable

Pixel chips for future applications produce a virtually infinite amount of data. For imaging, there is a need for more frames per second, while high energy physics experiments will run at a higher luminosity, meaning more hits per second. All this data has to be transported off the pixel chip. »

Laser Scanning Module MEMS mirror controller

A Laser Scanning Module (LSM) consists out of one or two moving MEMS mirrors and an electronic circuit for driving and controlling the mirror. By combining a fast and slow resonating MEMS mirror the LSM can be used for 2D scanning applications. »

Automotive alternator voltage regulator

Vehicles with combustion motors make use of an alternator for generating electricity. Within these alternators the voltage is mostly regulated with an alternator voltage regulator IC (AVR). All vehicle makers have their own demands on the regulation, like regulation voltage, temperature coefficient on the regulation voltage, dependence on phase frequency, load response control, remote control, fail safe functions, auto start etc. »

MEMS mirror array drivers

For actuating a MEMS device, dedicated drivers are used. These drivers are mostly designed for the specific usage of the MEMS, certainly when the MEMS unit is an array of individual devices. If the driver units are integrated with the MEMS device or when the MEMS device is an external component, this will impact the requirements for the driver. »

Versatile body controller

In modern cars, a large network of electronic parts and switches are present. Safety and reliability are high priorities in automotive grade integrated circuits. More and more often, switch relays are being replaced by power FETs. Switching such FETs needs to be done in a controlled and careful way. »

Development of a single chip 0.18µm CMOS Zigbee Transceiver

For short-range wireless networking, several communication standards have been developed like Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1), WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a, b, g, n) and ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4). The ZigBee standard has, different from the other standards, its focus on low-power consumption to enable for example energy harvesting techniques to power the transceiver. Typical applications for ZigBee transceivers are remote controls and wall switches. »

Earth fault detection ASIC

The earth fault detection ASIC is part of a Residual-Current Device (RCB), an earth leakage circuit breaker. The ASIC detects over-voltages and over-currents.
Using the ASIC results in significant cost reduction of external components in the RCB. »

Driver ASIC for QL lamp electronics

Bruco has developed a driver ASIC for a QL lamp. This product is an example a complete solution delivered by Bruco: from design of the ASIC to the delivery of the components to the customer. »