Achtergrond van Bruco

Driver ASIC for QL lamp electronics

Bruco has developed a driver ASIC for a QL lamp. This product is an example a complete solution delivered by Bruco: from design of the ASIC to the delivery of the components to the customer.

The QL lamp is an efficient source of light with a long lifetime for the professional market. It is especially used in places where replacement is difficult and/or expensive, e.g. public areas like bridges and tunnels.


Reduce the number of components in the electronics by integrating parts of the design on ASIC.


A driver ASIC suitable as power output stage for driving 300nH pulse transformers with bipolar pulses. Features include:

  • 2 bridge drivers of 1 ohm magnetizing and 2 ohm demagnetizing; peak current is 1A.
  • 1 bridge driver of 2 ohm magnetizing and 4 ohm demagnetizing; peak current is 0.3A.
  • Maximal dissipation 580mW at Tpac=105°C (51K/W) SSOP28 package.
  • QL lamp12V maximal conversion voltage
  • 18 MHz maximal operating frequency
  • Adaptive zero-current control
  • POR on chip
  • disable pin with 10kΩ pull-up
  • Synchronous sequence ending when disabled
  • On chip Bandgap and 5V logic supply