Achtergrond van Bruco

June 2nd, 2013
Dlovan Mahrof wins Best Student Paper Award at 2013 IEEE RFIC Symposium in Seattle

Bruco's Dlovan Mahrof wins the Best Student Paper Award with his paper titled 'A Receiver with In-Band IIP3>20dBm, Exploiting Cancelling of OpAmp Finite-Gain-Induced Distortion via Negative Conductance' during this years RFIC Symposium held in Seattle.

Dlovan Mahrof wrote this paper while working towards his PhD in Cognitive Radio, which he will receive later this year from the IC Design Group of the University of Twente. Dlovan is now working as ASIC designer on 60GHz ASIC circuits with Bruco Integrated Circuits bv.

The full abstract of his paper:

Highly linear CMOS radio receivers increasingly exploit linear RF V-I conversion and passive down-mixing, followed by an OpAmp based Transimpedance Amplifier at baseband. Due to the finite OpAmp gain in wideband receivers operating with large signals, virtual ground is imperfect, inducing distortion currents. We propose to apply a negative conductance to cancel this distortion. In an RF receiver, this increases In-Band IIP3 from 9dBm to >20dBm, at the cost of 1.5dB extra NF and <10% power penalty. In 1MHz bandwidth, a Spurious-Free Dynamic Range of 85dB is achieved at <27mA up to 2GHz for 1.2V supply voltage.

After the presentation at the RFIC symposium, the full paper can be downloaded from this site.