Achtergrond van Bruco

Internal programs

Next to integrated circuit design services, there is an increasing demand from the market for pre-development, studies and research. Bruco wants to invest in know-how as well as to increase its exposure.

Our internal research program will work on innovative projects in the field of wireless measurement and diagnostics. By doing research on these topics the Bruco know-how will increase. Furthermore, the output of project will be published to improve the exposure. All research activities are somehow linked to our design services, the core business of Bruco bv.

The platform on which the research will be done is called:

Wireless Measurements and Diagnostics

Wireless links play an important role in our daily live. Especially low-power communication for either high speed or low data rate connections. Wireless communication includes receiver design as well as transmitter design but can also include modulation techniques.

Measurements focuses on the measurement of physical parameters as there are; temperature, humidity, movement, etc. Of importance is the interfacing between the sensor and the radio-design. Measurement implies certain accuracy. The challenge is to measure physical parameters with high accuracy, which usually requires calibration.

Diagnostics is the art of signal processing and quantifying the measured parameter on which a decision can be made. The diagnostics of a signal can be done in the analog domain as well as in the digital domain.